Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#TeaserTuesday! Freedom by Bethany Leigh

Lookie who we have here folks! It's Bethany Leigh again! Seems she likes hanging around my blog or something - it must be all you readers... *wink*

What brings you here Bethany?

"Politics and passion collide in Edwardian England when women’s rights activist Lady Margia encounters the handsome and traditional Sir Cormac Adair."

Oh my, now doesn't that sound hot... Can you tell me more?

"Lady Margia and her Freedom for Women League are scandalising Edwardian England – demanding the right to vote, own property, and not to be spanked by their menfolk. Lady Margia is determined that her campaign will succeed – whatever the cost. But how can she reconcile her beliefs with the attraction she feels towards the traditional Sir Cormac Adair?

Meanwhile, Lady Isobelle sees Lady Margia's campaign as her chance to inherit her family estate, and, along with her maid Edie, breaks household rules and attends a local rally.

Join Lady Margia, Lady Isobelle and Edie as they hit the campaign trail, encountering intrigue, romance, spankings and surprises along the way."

Well now.. we all know I LOVE spankings.. can you give us a sexy little sneak peak into your book? I know all my quiet lurker readers would much appreciate it. Now wouldn't you folks!?! You know I've got your back. *wink*

"He joined them by the fire when Lady Drusilla had poured tea. "I understand your rally was broken up, Lady Margia," he said.

Lady Margia nodded. "Yes, but I'd almost finished my speech, so it didn't matter. As long as the message went out."

Sir Cormac reached for a scone. "That's all right for you to say, surely?"

Lady Margia sighed. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you're one of the few women at that rally who'll be sitting comfortably right now. I find your campaign very irresponsible, Lady Margia. You spare no thought for those women currently regretting their defiance, or for the men who really have better things to do than have to constantly police their womenfolk's behavior and administer punishment."

"Then they should stick to those better things to do," said Lady Margia, "and let women make their own decisions about their own lives.""

Well my lucky readers... It sounds to me like Lady Margia will have her bottom bared and soundly punished for her behavior, and I, for one, can't wait to pick up a copy today!

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Author Bio

Bethany Leigh is a newbie erotic romance writer published by Blushing Books. Her first novella, Freedom, is an Edwardian era historical with a kinky twist, and her second, At Dead at Night, is a murder mystery set in present-day England. Her short story anthology, A Cure for All Ills and Other Stories, will also be published by Blushing Books, and includes contemporary, historical and time-travel stories set in Australia, England and the Czech Republic.

She enjoys writing (and reading!) about strong-willed heroines crossing swords with alpha heroes.

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Twitter: @writerbethany1

I don't know about you, but I think this new author is going places!


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