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#NewRelease - Protecting His Pet - Measha Stone - #petplay #spanking #romance

 On all fours, crawling across the floor she finds herself yearning to be mastered by the one man she vowed to hate.
After her brother’s life of crime is brought to a sudden end, twenty-two-year-old Kara Jennings fears she may be the next target of the men who killed him. It comes as a shock, however, when she is taken captive by a mysterious man who promises to keep her safe but quickly demonstrates that he will not hesitate to punish her in any way he sees fit if she disobeys him.

Devin Stinger is certain there is something important that Kara is refusing to share with him—something related to her brother’s death—and he is fully prepared to be as firm as necessary to get her to tell him the truth, even if that means stripping her bare, spanking her hard and thoroughly, and keeping her caged like a pet.

Despite her shame at being made to kneel naked at her captor’s feet, eat from his hand, and surrender her body to him completely, Devin’s dominance leaves Kara helplessly aroused and yearning for him to master her even more thoroughly. When he brings her to the edge of an intense climax only to leave her desperate and wanting, her need for him to claim her properly compels Kara to confess the secret her brother shared with her before his death. But will that information help Devin protect his beautiful pet or will it ultimately put her in greater danger?

Publisher’s Note: Protecting His Pet includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive pet play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
Excerpt Rated X
He said they were in danger. Not just her, but him as well. Did that make him less of an asshole? He had what he wanted, the tapes, she wasn’t going to even try to take the money in that box, it was his. All he had to do was let her go; instead, he’d tossed her back in the cage.

“Do you want something, pet?” His rough voice rolled over her body as well as any fingertip or lips. His lips. He hadn’t kissed her since they were in the kitchen; in fact, other than the finger fucking during her breakfast he hadn’t touched her at all.

She licked her lips again, telling herself that sucking his cock meant she’d be able to get out of the cage. It was just a means to an end, nothing else. She told herself that, but even she knew she was a bullshitter.

“I—” Her eyes darted up to his, not wanting to ask, or say what she wanted, and hoping like hell he wouldn’t make her.

“Oh, I think you can do better than that. Tell me. Ask me to suck my cock. It’s what you want, isn’t it? To suck me hard, lick me, and have your face fucked with it?” Back was the crude jackass from the truck. Maybe what he’d heard on those tapes was bad. Maybe he’d come down for stress relief, something to soothe him. And fuck her, she wanted to give him that. Because if they were in trouble, if he was telling her the truth, she couldn’t think of anyone else who would be helping her. His brother? Maybe, depended on how dirty of a cop he was, or how good of a brother.

The man stood before her, looking for a way to relieve his worry. The man who promised to protect her from the bad guys, even if that meant locking her away for her own good.

She inched toward him, reaching through the bars until her hands rested on his thighs. The firmness of his muscles there told her how hard he worked to maintain his body. No one got quads like that from doing a handful of squats; no, he was disciplined in his schedule.

“Let me.” She licked her lips again, keeping her eyes mingling with his. The edges of his stare softened. He’d been looking for a fight, or at least expecting one. She’d had enough fighting. Her soul was tired, her body ached, she wanted to find the middle ground with him. The small strip of peace they could reside in together to get through whatever fucked-up shit her brother had put her in.
He shuffled closer to the bars, his cock nearly through the space where her mouth was positioned. “Open your mouth, stick out your tongue,” he ordered. One final lick of her lips, and she spread them, jutting her tongue out past her teeth. “Don’t close your mouth, not even your lips. This mouth is mine, understand?”

Even if her mind didn’t, her pussy got the idea just fine. She could feel the wetness already slipping between her lower lips, knowing if she touched her clit she’d find it engorged with her arousal, and most likely ready to come.

The soft round head of his cock touched her outreached tongue, sliding over it and going deeper into her mouth. Her throat started to clench, but she worked the muscles and swallowed, opening for him and keeping the gag at bay. Fuck, he was a lot bigger than she remembered. Just as she felt the back of her throat clenching again, he pulled back. Before she could take a deep breath, he thrust forward, hitting the back of her throat once more and eliciting a gag.

“Fuck.” She pulled her head back and coughed, then quickly got back into position.

“Good girl, but no cursing. I don’t like it, and I’ll wash your mouth out with soap next time you do it.” His threat, or rather his promise, didn’t fall on deaf ears. She’d have to watch her foul mouth, but it would be hard. A bad habit she only seemed able to curb while at work, and even then she let her guard down when patients weren’t in earshot. “Open your mouth wider, pet. I want you to take my whole cock in. Stick out your fucking tongue, or I’ll hold it out for you.”

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Measha Stone is an international best seller who lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. While working toward her degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, she wrote mostly in the thriller genre, but her heart lies in Romance. BDSM Erotic Romance is where she lives and breathes, because what’s pleasure without a little pain?  When she’s not writing, she’s reading and goofing off with her kids.
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