Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spankings: A submissive's perspective...

Hello to all my lovely readers!

Today, I'm going to talk about my own love of spankings. My last spanking related post got quite a few more views than any of my other posts, so I figured you all might be interested in the goings on in my little head.

I've known that I was a spanko since I was a kid. Today, I'll share a story about when I was younger as an example.

I remember, back in fifth grade, we were given a creative writing assignment to write the diary of a family in the old west, or traveling on the Oregon trail.

Well.. me being a writer and all - I created a little story about a school girl getting in trouble at school, and then again at home.. Spankings and all.

I got so embarrassed, that I scribbled out the whole thing. Remember - we didn't always have computers to type things up nicely. This was a handwritten diary assignment... and I wrote over the entirety of the two spanking scenes I had written.

I was so scared of what someone might think if they saw it!

Unluckily enough for me, my teacher made me get the assignment signed by my mom - so I had to show her the scribbled out part. Luckily - I was a very good scribbler and I covered up the whole thing.

So.. I've been a spanko since as long as I can remember... Well - I'm off to a dance class, so we'll continue reminiscing sometime soon!


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