Sunday, February 28, 2016

#ScintillatingSunday #SixoftheBest - A Gift for the Doctor - The Terranovum Saga Book 2

It's Time for Scintillating Sunday, and why not Six of the Best while we're at it. Here's another sneak into my next book - A Gift for the Doctor...

After a few short moments of additional probing, he took the medical instrument out of her, and placed it back on the small table. She sighed with relief, hearing him remove his gloves with a snap.

Only it wasn’t over. His fingers returned to the skin of her thighs, reaching back towards her pussy, only this time he took his ungloved palm and pressed it up against the heat radiating from her core. Quivering at this mark of ownership, she waited almost breathlessly, nervously anticipating what he was going to do next.

Kade took his thumb and begin to circle her pulsating clit, and Morgana nearly fell apart at the intensity of the flood of sensation that came with his gentle caress. The rest of his fingers continued to stroke her moist lips, continually coaxing her towards the edge into a world of pleasure. He played her body like a well-tuned instrument, as though he knew exactly where to touch in order to drive her insane with desire. 

Hot enough for ya? 


Friday, February 26, 2016

#MySexySaturday - A Gift for the Doctor - The Terranovum Saga Book 2

It's time for My Sexy Saturday! And I have a blog post in store for you...

I've been hard at work on my next book, and am about halfway through it. I am ready to start sharing little snippets with you in the weeks to come... 

So are you ready?

Here goes!

The next book I'm writing is entitled A Gift for the Doctor, sequel to A Gift for the King. So get excited. I certainly am...

Seven Paragraphs From Heaven:

She could hardly think; all she could do was feel.

When he took his fingers away from her, she nearly cried out in frustration. A groan of annoyance at the man’s sudden disappearance was cut short as she quickly brought her lips together. Looking around, she realized he was fishing something out of a drawer, and opened her eyes wide when she realized what it was.

It was a speculum. She hadn’t seen one in years, not since her days back on Earth. She gulped in nervousness and fidgeted on the table.

“Please don’t,” she whispered softly.

“I must, in order to assess if your body can handle a child. I will lubricate the instrument, but, seeing as how wet you are, I shouldn’t even have to.”

Morgana felt her insides clench at his observation. He could see everything, and a sense of shame came over her, but her arousal grew impossibly stronger. A whine escaped her lips, as he came closer.

Kade put the speculum down on a small table next to her, and sat down in a chair that put him on the same level as her pussy on the table. He pulled on a pair of gloves, and began to lubricate the medical tool. Before long, she felt the cool metal touching her skin, and then it slipped inside her slick channel with such ease that she knew her face must have been as red as an apple.

So what do you think... should I keep writing the next book?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#NewRelease - Bethany Leigh - A Cure for All Ills

Many misdeeds – one punishment

I'm super excited to host Bethany Leigh on my blog today with her latest new release. So pop up some popcorn, grab a glass of wine, and sit back and enjoy the journey. 


Maddie's hot new date loves to cook – but she avoids eating at all costs

Sarah has perfect plans for her anniversary – but Dan's disappeared into his man-cave

Ginny's always let her dog run free in the 'on-lead' area – but now a fine has turned up in the post

Maddie, Sarah, Ginny and the other feisty women in these stories all have problems. And they all have men who believe that a spanking is a cure for all ills.


This will be my third illicit trip back to 1681 and I can hardly wait. I enter a free time-machine lab and ensure the door is locked behind me. There's a small en suite in the lab and I change into my seventeenth-century servant girl garb, borrowed from Wardrobe Services two weeks ago. The feel of the rough material of the layered skirts against my bare bottom adds to my excitement. Soon I'll be getting a good hard spanking. I'm horny already, trembling a little as I apply long-lasting deodoriser to my nostrils and mouth. The smell of seventeenth-century London is not something you want to inhale. I'm up to date on all my jabs, inoculated against every disease the past has to offer. I check that the time machine's remote control is in good working order, and slip it into my sleeve. Finally, I set the time machine coordinates. The time: an October night in 1681. The place: The area around Fleet Street, Holborn and The Strand. Where Whipping Tom lurks in shadowy alleys, waiting to capture a lone woman and spank her.

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Author Bio

Bethany Leigh is a writer of domestic dramas and detective stories spiced up with spankings and romance. Her books are: Freedom, set in an alternate Edwardian England; Betrothed, a short prequel to Freedom; At Dead of Night, a contemporary whodunit; and A Cure For All Ills, an anthology of short domestic discipline stories. All are published by Blushing Books.

Bethany lives in Australia. When she’s not writing, she likes hanging out with her family, catching up with friends over a wine or coffee, and spotting kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and other fabulous wildlife in the bush near her home.

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Twitter: @writerbethany1