Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I don't want to work, I want to be writing smut all day....

Hey y'all!

So I'm sitting at work, and all I can think about is finishing my next book! I can't wait till my readers get to enjoy my new sci-fi spanking romance. It's got all sort of sexy things from spankings, medical play, anal play, sex, and all sorts of fun.

Here's a little snippet for all my loyal fans. :-)


Clenching the towel close, she and the other girls were led out of the bathhouse room, and down an opulent hallway to a room, which looked like a theatre. There was a stage in the center, and tiered seating all around. It was dark, except for a single spotlight focusing on a single item at the center of the stage. A large metal table made out of steel stood ominously under the light.

Upon further inspection, she noticed the table had ties at the sides, with leather cuffs attached. A sickening feeling began to bubble in the pit of her stomach. Wes lined up the girls, and with a strangely intense look, focused in on her. He sauntered over to her, and grabbed the back of her neck roughly. He pulled her forward and pushed her in the direction of the table. The other girls were herded away. Lana hadn’t seen where the red headed woman had led the others.

“This one first.” Wes said, his voice dangerously low and a sinister smile breaking the harsh line of his lips. Grabbing the towel, he whipped it from her body, leaving her starkly naked once again.

Lana was quickly lifted and placed on the table, and her arms were pulled high over her head. Struggling, she tried to kick or punch, or wiggle out of their grips, but it was all in vain. She felt the leather shackles tighten on her wrists with a click. Her legs were bent and her feet were placed at the edges of the table. She felt another set of leather restraints clamp around her ankles. The whole thing had a weird feel like a gynecological visit, without the chair.

Voices sounded all around her, and she realized that during her struggles, the auditorium had filled with people, all finding their seat to watch whatever show was about to happen. Cold terror flooded through her.

She noticed another man standing in the center of the arena, one that commanded the attention of the entire audience. Silence quickly took over the room. Faces locked onto the two of them in anticipation.

Lana tried to focus on the man in the center of the room. Long white hair flowed down his back, almost to his waist. He wore no shirt. His back seemed like layer upon layer of muscle, all of them rippling as his arms rose up to shoulder height. He wore pants that were a simple cream color. Even without seeing his face, everything about him screamed nobility. Every single eye in the audience was on him.

“Good evening, my great people of Terranovum. We are here to inspect the most recent batch of humans captured from the far away planet of Earth. As your high priest, it is my honor to perform this duty for you, in preparation for the bidding that will occur tomorrow morning. Please take note of the female that catches your interest, so that you may bid on her tomorrow. Now, I will begin with the first woman brought before you.”

He turned around, and Lana gasped out loud. His eyes were completely white, with no colored iris, or even a pupil. The visual was entirely unexpected. He wore a gold band around his forehead that extended to a length between his eyebrows. There was a gem situated there that looked almost like an eye. The blue of the gem matched all the ice blue eyes in the crowd. The high priest’s tan skin almost glowed under the spotlight. Strange black tribal looking tattoos circles his uppers arms, circling around chiseled biceps.

As he walked towards her, she pulled at her bonds, but it was no use. The restraints were in no way loose enough for her to escape. Her muscles tensed, quivering in fear at the events about to unfold. A whimper escaped her lips. She was naked, bound to a table, here for this man to inspect her, whatever that meant. Her heartbeat sounded loud in her chest.


Hope you enjoyed it! 

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  1. Hi Sara. Don't think I've visited before. The snippet and book description sound intense. Lots of luck with it.

    1. Thanks Leigh! I'm working hard on it and should be submitting to my publisher in the next few days - hopefully by tomorrow! :-)

  2. I can't wait to read this Sara! I liked Claimed by the General.(Small typo in the 4th paragraph. Should be vain, not vein)

    1. Thanks Marybeth! I took care of the typo! Much appreciated! :-)

    2. I'm so happy you liked Claimed by the General as well! I really hope you like my new one too!

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