Friday, December 4, 2015

Spanksgiving - Thanksgiving Spanko Style

So this recent Thanksgiving, I had the honor of spending my time at a close friend's house, and those friends happen to be fellow spankos, and a few other people I have known in the scene for some time now.


And all sorts of other yumminess. Especially cuddles from some of my favorite girls, @Stephiegal and @Piperren, and someone I hadn't met before @AshleyBelle.

As a few of my fellow spankos know, I have begun to switch a little bit in the past year, and have grown to love it, but I still a bottom at heart (meaning I still love to get spankings!)Plus she. But I mean... when you see a booty like the one below, why wouldn't you want to spank it? <3

So I'm super lucky to get to spend time with the people I consider family. I love my kinky friends and I wish we could be together all the time, but unfortunately, we only get together a few times a year. BUT... Piperbutt lives in Texas too - so I'm planning to see her many more times. 

So this also happened.. and has come to be a Texas tradition, especially the barrel... 

Hot right?

Piper and I have had some wonderful scenes over the past few months, and she is definitely someone I plan to beat many times in the near future. She doesn't seem to mind. 

I got to play with @Stephiegal as well, who is someone I got to meet in the past year, and she is a ball of fun. Plus she likes acting like a kitten, just like me. We both have tons of ears that we like to wear, when we're both playing submissively, and we love to cuddle, and we love when the right Dom makes us purr... in all the right ways. Anyways, here's a hot picture of me grabbing her butt. I hope you enjoy.... :-)

Other than fun playtimes... we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and got to eat at the best BBQ place ever. I enjoyed some delicious pork ribs, and some yummy sides. This is one of my favorite times every year. Can't wait for the next! 

I hope you all had a happy holiday, and enjoyed the memories from a delightful long weekend with kinky friends.... 

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