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Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks - Innocence Enslaved - #HOLYHOTNESS

Thanks for inviting me and Melody over today, Sara.  We’ve brought an excerpt from our first medieval erotic romance, Innocence Enslaved.   We packed it full of intrigue, danger, plot turns and twists, hot and kinky sex, and ever hotter spanks. But we don’t stop there.  You’ll also find a sexy, bare-chested, sword-wielding hero, a beautiful innocent maiden who falls in love with the man who saves her by taking her as his pleasure slave, and a wicked villainous earl that you will love to hate.

Innocence Enslaved
By Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks


When she is abducted from her village, eighteen-year-old Emilia Selkirk’s world is turned upside down almost instantly. Stripped naked, bound, and placed on the auction block, her fate seems hopeless indeed, until a tall, handsome man speaks up to bid on her. His firm, commanding voice sets her blood on fire even as the kindness of his tone warms her heart, and she dares to hope that the future may not be as grim as she feared.

Corbet Mills, a wealthy merchant, has sworn off love forever. He has seen more than enough cruelty for one lifetime and slave auctions hold no interest for him, but when he sets eyes on Emilia he is captivated. Perhaps it is the quiet defiance evident in her pose or perhaps it is simply the alluring curves of the young redhead’s beautiful, naked form, but something about her calls to him, and he finds he can’t leave her to the cruel intentions of the leering crowd.

Intent on playing the part of the hero and keeping Emilia safe and pure until he can return her to her family, Corbet does his best to resist her allure. He provides for her, cares for her, and guides her, even when that means taking her over his knee and administering a long, hard bare-bottom spanking to correct her behavior. Yet as he struggles to contain his growing desire to claim Emelia as his own, an old enemy takes a deeply unwholesome interest in her. In the midst of intrigue, danger, revenge, and murder, can Corbet protect the woman he has come to love?

Publisher’s Note: Innocence Enslaved is an erotic romance novel written in collaboration by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

 Today, you requested the hot sex part, so I poured over the pages to find something satisfying.  

In this scene, Corbet is determined not to anticipate their marriage vows.  So he had to get a little creative. 


“Master,” she moaned, thrusting up to meet his finger, her body on fire and yearning for more. “Something is happening to me. I feel… I’m not sure what I feel other than I’m hot, and restless, and my body is in knots waiting for something to happen. I can’t really explain it except to say it makes me yearn for more.”

“What you’re describing is lust and desire, but don’t fret. I understand it and know what you need.”

Keeping his finger inside her bottom, he slid another into her center channel, penetrating both holes at once, the silky wetness between her lips making the play easy for both of them. “You’re so wet,” he murmured as he bent his head and kissed her lower back, causing soft mewls and whimpers to pass through her parched lips.

He moved behind her, his lips trailing over her bottom, then both hands pulled free and moved to cup her inner thighs. Spreading her wide, he exposed her from the aching nub in front to her quivering hole at the back. She looked down and saw his face angle forward right as he put his mouth on her there.

“Corbet,” she gasped, unable to help it as his tongue swirled over her heated flesh, licking her folds and circling her weeping entrance. She moaned as his tongue darted inside, causing her sex to clench deliciously.

“So damn sweet,” he growled, as he speared into her repeatedly.

Panting, she found it increasingly difficult to stay still as he laved the pulsing nub several times before pulling back and looking up from between her widely parted thighs.

The gold flecks in his eyes glinted in the darkness and bespoke his hunger. “I’ll never get enough of the way you taste,” he murmured, in such a low, husky tone it made Emilia groan in response.

Leaning over her back, he put an arm around her waist as his hard shaft rubbed along her wet folds. As he drew near, she could see her juices glistening on his lips. He kissed her, sharing the taste, making her feel wicked as she craned her neck around, opening her mouth for more. Their tongues intertwined while his hand moved down her body, the heat of her sex like a beacon for his seeking fingers, which delved between her lips.

He splayed her wide and something else, something wide and smooth, slid the length of her slit. It was his cock and it was glorious. He didn’t penetrate, instead gliding back and forth, his fingers keeping her open so he touched every intimate inch. When she moaned and broke contact, his lips moved to her ear, latching on while stroking and pinching the small bundle of nerves that had made her explode with pleasure in the past. Her thighs started to tremble and she couldn’t keep herself from rocking her pelvis into the strokes of his cock. Upping the intensity of all these new and overwhelming sensations, Corbet reinserted a finger inside her tight, smaller hole.

She cried out, longing for the fullness of his cock deep within her, filling her full, joining with her and making them as one. She wanted to see his face as he pumped his cock into her and experience what it would be like when his seed surged inside.

That last thought along with his expert touch, playing her with skill like a minstrel would his lute, made her muscles tighten and her body begin to vibrate as her ardor mounted.

“You’re going to make me come apart!”

“That’s what I’m striving for, sweet girl,” he murmured, not letting up with his mouth, fingers, or the persistent gliding of his shaft. “I want you to come apart for me.” He slid his hardness directly over her sensitized nub. “Let go, I’ll be here to catch you.”

Moaning and panting, she threw her head back while her body shook, her passage spasming in uncontrollable waves of pure pleasure. His hands came to her hips and his knees nudged her legs tight together; as her cries of ecstasy filled the air, he rose up behind her and pumped between her closed thighs, riding along her slick slit until he too cried out his pleasure.

As his release splashed hotly upon her skin, he put his face into her hair, moaning along with her as they both rode the waves of climax.

When he could, he hummed in her ear. “Mm, sweet Emilia, you feel so good coming undone in my arms.”

As her orgasm started to diminish, she collapsed beneath him, trying to reclaim her breath while savoring the indescribable satisfaction.

He rolled off her. “Come here, dove,” he ordered gently, giving her no choice as he pulled her up his chest and draped her across his body.

“I’m sticky,” she protested.

“I don’t care.”

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