Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life as a Spanko and Erotic Author - #kinkylife

This week has been pretty mild in the kink department in my life, but that doesn't mean that this have gone quiet in this little head of mine.

Weekends are the time that I generally get my bottom warmed by my husband for various reasons, the best for me being stress relief spankings. 

Sometimes I get good girl ones, and sometimes I get a bad girl ones (he has a reason most of the time.... well.. maybe... I just didn't explain myself well enough - *giggles*) Well, I mean, we all know I don't misbehave now...


So when Saturday comes around, and he is on his way home from work, I am always wondering what I might get from him today. 

So am I going to have a pretty pink bottom tonight like the shot above? Funny I found this picture, I am actually wearing these panties today. I just love the pink color of them. :-)


Am I going to be red all over from his punishing hand like the shot below...

And don't you worry, my bottom is entirely bare for my spankings. 

So I will update you all sometime soon, as to the state of my punished back end as it could happen either tonight or tomorrow. 

It's my Dom's decision when I get a spanking.

I've already got the pre-spanking jitters. 

I'm going to go write some sexy erotica now... 

*presses thighs together*

You know you love me!


  1. Spankos unite! lol

    I asked for a spanking last night when I couldn't sleep (he delivered, it helped) and got hauled otk this morning in the "bad girl way." And ironically, I am wearing the exact panties above, same satiny with lace edge, but the plaid version! lol But like you said...that doesn't matter. They come down.

    I hope you get every kinky desire filled this weekend!

    1. Thank you Jane! Have a great kinky weekend! :-)