Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sara's Sassy Sunday Shenanigans - Twenty Questions - #author #spanking #BDSM #fetish

It's time for my Sassy Sunday Shenanigans! So on today's agenda...

Let's play 20 questions Author edition! I'm going to answer the 20 questions below and let you readers into my world! (just a little). 

1.) What is you Author name? Sara Fields

2.) What is the first book you ever published? Claimed by the General

3.) What is your publiversary? (The day you released your first book) October 22, 2015

4.) What is you favorite book you've written thus far? A Gift for the Commander

5.) What book took you the longest to write? Claimed by the General

6.) How long did it take you? About 3-4 months

7.) What kind of music (If any) do you listen to while you write? Trance, top hits, rock music, and whatever else I feel like at the time, even salsa music

8.) Who is you favorite character from any of your books? Morgana, a feisty sassy heroine who isn't afraid to ask for what she wants

9.) What are you currently working on? Sold to the Savages - a fun new project that's pushing me out of my comfort zone, but in the best way

10.) Do you have anything you snack on while you write? Chocolate... and wine

11.) What is your favorite quote or line from one of your books? Oh there's so many - I could never pick out just one!

12.) Are you a self published or traditional published author? Traditionally published with Stormy Night Publications

13.) What is your writing inspiration? The kinky scenes I have between myself and my husband, as well as other play I've experienced with other tops and bottoms in the scene.

14.) What genre do you write? Spanking Romance

15.) Do you have any writing rituals? I get in comfy clothes, and get some coffee or something, curl up in my bed with my laptop and start writing

16.) Do you have a specific place you write or time? Weekends, because I have a full time day job during the week.

17.) Do you have any advice for inspiring writers? Just put the words down on paper. Don't worry about perfection. Everything can be fixed during the editing process.

18.) What are your writing goals? If any? Publish lots of books and keep my readers happy.

19.) What authors inspire you and your writing? When me readers review, and reach out to me that they like my book, that definitely keeps me going.

20.) What will be you next release? If you know and when?  If I had to guess, I will release a new book in about a month and a half. :-)

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