Saturday, July 16, 2016

#Happy News - A Gift for the Commander - Out July 22nd! #scifi #spanking #romance

So it's time for a new book release very soon!

JULY 22!

This coming Friday, the last book in my Gift series is going to be release, titled a Gift for the Commander and I'm totally excited.

Meet Wes.

And this is Olivia. 

She's a simple girl from Earth, 
scheduled to be auctioned off as a 
human slave on the planet Terranovum, 
and he's a native alien male that's in charge of grooming her 
to be the perfect submissive, 
only, there's more to this little vixen than meets the eyes. 

On top of the building and undeniable 
sexual tension between the two, war is waging on the planet, 
and the evil Lord Nero is moving to take control of all the lands. 

Will Olivia and Wes come together in the end 
or will all be lost in the epic battle between good and evil?

This book may be my hottest one yet.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

I seriously can't wait for Friday. 

Are we there yet?

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