Thursday, March 3, 2016

#WickedWednesday - The #Scandalous Hobbies of a #Naughty #Erotica Author

Good evening to all my sexy readers out there! I realized I hadn't touched base with you since Sunday! 

Bad Sara.

Someone should spank me or something. 


I've had a busy day, only getting home at about 10:00pm my time. I worked all day doing science, and didn't leave until 7:15! After that I raced over to Zumba, and after that, I danced a Sexy Pole class.


You read that right. Little Miss Shy Sara Fields can dance her booty off on a pole. Go figure. I've taken like four or five pole classes now, and am finding it incredibly addicting. Now I'm no expert yet, in fact, I haven't even been taught to be able to climb the pole or anything for now, but I'm definitely improving. And I have quite a few moves I can do already. 

It's such an incredible rush. And I feel devilishly naughty when I do it. I'm convinced that nothing could make me feel sexier. Talk about a confidence booster.

So all you women that have thought about doing it? 


It's an awesome workout, especially for those of us with noodle arms..

*raises hand*

I'm already seeing definition in my arms. With the other cardio that I have been doing, I feel like I am toning up, and really getting back into shape. I even had a co-worker tell me today that I look like I've lost weight. The kicker is, he's an attractive guy, so that made my inner me start dancing. It totally made my day.

I mean... Talk about sexy!


That last picture, I just found really cool. I want to be able to do that some day. There's so much for me to learn about dancing on a pole. I'm going to have to have one in my next house. Just so I can climb that pole!

#LifeGoals right?


  1. I used to bellydance but this pole dancing sounds like so much fun that I might have to see if there are any classes in a surrounding city since there isn't much of anything in this one.

    1. Do it! Just try some beginner classes and see how you feel :-)