Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#WIPitUp - Claimed by the Savages - Sara Fields - #scifi #menage #spanking

So... I have an extra special announcement today!

I have a new book coming out this Saturday and it's a genre I've never written before, so I'm super excited about it!

It's a new, HOT and SUPER STEAMY science fiction novel from yours truly, BUT it's not just one man and one woman... 

It's one woman and three men. 

That's right - you read that correctly!

THREE men and one super LUCKY woman!

I'll release the cover and the blurb within the next few days - so visit my blog often for my most exciting story yet!

But without further ado, 
here's a sexy excerpt for WIPitUP Wednesday!

They were brought out of the ship and onto the much larger space station, the hiss of doors opening and closing meeting her ears. She looked around, taking in the technology laden hallways, complete with fingerprint readers and eye scanners on each door they entered. With a heavy swallow, she realized that escape would be impossible. She was truly a prisoner here.

Lowering her eyes, she stilled as the group finally came to a stop in a large central room. Unable to contain her curiosity, she began to look around, seeing multiple floors rise up around them, handrails separating a small walkway and lots of windows that looked into a large number of narrow bedrooms. Her eyes widened when she looked into one of the rooms, seeing a small red headed woman’s backside clear in her view. One of the guards, an officer from the looks of it, had her naked cheeks bared to the room, reddening from his palm as he spanked her.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off the scene as the man smacked the top of her thighs and then pressed his fingers over the pink lips in between her legs. Even she could see the glistening moisture that gathered there, as the man’s fingers glided across the woman’s slick folds.

Someone cleared their throat in front of her and she tore her gaze away to meet the eyes of a fierce looking woman standing there. Her brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun and sharp chocolate colored irises regarded them with ire and clear expectations. She wore a simple navy dress that did little to hide the curves of her body underneath it. She would have been pretty if she relaxed and let her hair down, Aimee thought.

“You probably all think that you’ve been transported to the co-ed juvenile detainment center outside Saturn. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not the case. You have all been selected as women of merit, to be trained and prepared at my detainment center, orbiting at the very far reaches of the solar system just outside of Pluto. Why you ask? You are to be matched to a man in marriage. Throughout the Intergalactic Federation, many planets are in sore need of women and pay handsomely to be connected with a mate prepared by our hands. Here, you will be trained to experience pleasure in many forms and will be spanked when you misbehave and even when you don’t.”


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