Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sara's Sunday Shenanigans - Bald, Trimmed, or Full Forest?

So, I've finally taken the plunge. I've paid for a package for laser hair removal and I get my first treatment next weekend. I'm a little nervous, because let's face it, sometimes the unknown is a little scary, but hey... 

For all my life, I've had no problem shaving, but sometimes it's problematic as using a regular razor will leave red bumps, whereas an electric razor doesn't - so all and all - it's a project to keep myself well trimmed and put together. Plus I'm naturally blonde, but my hair comes in darker along my bikini and underarm, which makes me a candidate for laser in those places. 

I haven't looked into my legs yet, as I want to try it out first.

I never minded it, because personally - I hate being hairy overall. I like a clean shaven bikini, either with a runway, or bald really.

Has anyone out there done laser hair removal? I've signed up for an underarm/bikini package myself and had a consultation this past morning. 

What do other people out there prefer? Shaving? 

Waxing? (Honestly never tried it, as I never got up the nerve. Shaving just seemed easier)...


Even men, what do you think?

I've read some really hot scenes in some books where the man shaves the woman, and it sounds pretty damn hot. Mr. Fields for instance, prefers a runway, but also bald. In all the years we've been together, I've had a runway, but we decided since I'm going to get laser hair removal, why not go for the whole thing, and get a full Brazilian.


Anyways, that's my ramblings for the day. Have a happy Sunday!

Next week, I'll let you know how it goes. This coming Saturday is my first actual laser appointment. 


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