Friday, September 23, 2016

#SatSpanks #MySexySaturday - Claimed by the Savages- #scifi #BDSM #menage

As an unauthorized third child, nineteen-year-old Aimee Harrington has spent her life avoiding discovery by government authorities, but her world comes crashing down around her after she is caught stealing a vehicle in an act of petulant rebellion. Within hours of her arrest, she is escorted onto a ship bound for a detention center in the far reaches of the solar system.

Soon after her arrival, however, Aimee is made aware that this facility is no ordinary prison. It is a training center for future brides, and once she has been properly trained she will be thoroughly examined and then offered to an alien male in need of a mate. To make matters worse, Aimee’s defiant attitude quickly earns the wrath of the strict warden. To make an example of her, Aimee is given as a wife not to a sophisticated gentleman, but to three warriors of the planet Primorion.

Though Primorion males are considered savages on Earth, it doesn’t take long for Aimee to realize that while her new mates will demand her obedience and will not hesitate to spank her bare bottom soundly if her behavior warrants it, they will also cherish and protect her in a way she has never experienced before. But when the time comes for her three dominant men to master her body completely, will she be ready to be claimed by the savages?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Savages includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Just one more second. One more firm touch. Just one and she would be there.

Moaning loudly, she pressed into the fingers that were stroking her pussy and all at once the hands gliding across her burning skin disappeared, leaving her alone in her lust. Keening, she tried to move back toward them with little success.

Please. Please let me come.

Aimee, I dont care how much you beg for it. You will not come until I decide you have earned the right. You will obey me in this. You dont want to know what I would do to you as punishment if you disobeyed me, believe me.His fingers pressed harder on her clit as he spoke and she threw her head back in response.

Yes, sir,she moaned, knowing those were the only words he wanted to hear. 

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  1. Excellent! This snippet pushes some buttons for me for sure!

  2. Oh, he's mean. Very mean. I'm in love. <3

  3.! I suspect she's going to find out what the punishment is...

  4. Delayed orgasms can result in an even more intense one, when one is finally allowed, but I'm with Liv on this one. I suspect she's going to find out exactly what his punishment is for coming without permission.

  5. Interesting premise and wicked hot tease.

  6. He's delicious! The whole story sounds awesome!