Friday, September 9, 2016

#SatSpank #MySexySaturday - Terranovum Brides Trilogy - Sara Fields - #scifi #spanking #BDSM

It's time for SatSpanks!

Today I'm celebrating the release of a compilation of three of my best selling books, A Gift for the King, A Gift for the Doctor, and  A Gift for the Commander.

It's only 9.95! That's three books for the price of two! What a deal!

Here's a sexy excerpt from Book 1, A Gift for the King.

Lana, I want you to understand how things will be between us. When I give you a command, you are to obey without question, regardless of the situation. Since this is your first spanking, I will be a little lenient. In the future, should you disappoint me in any way, I will spank you with things other than my hand, and it wont always be here in the privacy of our bedroom.

Lanas eyes grew big and her face redder. Butterflies seemed to dance inside her tummy.

Now, Im going to give you your first command. I want you to put yourself over my knees.

Her body seemed to react before her mind did, and she slowly moved to the side and placed herself face down over his thighs. She was suddenly aware of how her bottom stuck up in the air, awaiting his punishing hand. Her skin tingled. Her dress was just long enough to cover her cheeks, and she breathed a slight sigh of relief. 

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  1. Great idea. I already have them separately, but putting them together in one collection is brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed them all! <3