Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#WIPitup Wednesday - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields

Hey Y'all!

I'm back with another dose of WIP it up Wednesday, and I'm sharing the beginning of my next book - A Gift for the Doctor, a direct sequel to A Gift for the King. 

Hope you all like it! I'll be back next week with something deliciously naughty for you.


Morgana squeezed her eyes shut, hoping to wake up from this terrible dream. Unfortunately, when she opened her eyes again, she was still on her back on the medical table, and the strange man gazed back at her, all the while observing her and seemingly evaluating her reaction to him. She narrowed her eyes, suspicious of his every move. They stared at each other, neither backing down.

“Who are you,” she whispered softly, enforcing some false sense of bravado in her voice, when all she felt was fear and something else, rather some sort of feeling that she could only identify as desire, edging up from the tips of her toes.

Her nipples peaked, and she remembered that she was completely naked and bound to some sort of metal examination table. Her thighs quivered at the thought, the metal cooling to her skin. She tried to push that awareness from her mind, so that she could focus on the situation at hand, but the longer he gazed upon her naked body, the more difficulty she had finding her focus.

The man looked back at her, his white lab coat shifting as he leaned on the counter behind him. As he uncrossed his arms, she watched him with curiosity. He was tall, and very large for a man. She knew he probably wasn’t human, but an Erassan, an alien race that inhabited the planet of Terranovum. Many Erassans had different abilities. Some had the gift of mental powers; whereas others had abilities that even she didn’t know anything about. There was something about the deep yellow of his eyes told her this was probably one of those ancient species of Erassan, a mystery to her as to what he was capable of.

He wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt under his white lab coat. Morgana licked her lips when she saw that a hint of chest hair framed the V-neck of his collar. The dark fabric did little to hide the bulge of muscle underneath, hugging the sculpted edges of tight chest muscles. His stomach was lean, tapering down to a trim waist. His features nearly oozed strength, confidence, and most surprisingly, dominance. She felt her mouth dry, her body beginning to truly betray her. She suddenly wanted to see what was underneath all that clothing and the thought startled her. All the while, he watched her as she studied him. Strong angles cut his jawline, shadowed by stubble and a soft hint of a smile.

“You can call me Kade,” he said, finally responding to her question. His voice was rugged and firm, yet strangely gentle.




  1. She's handling being strapped to a cold table better than I would; although, her observation of him is probably warming her body. ;) Nice snippet..

    1. Thanks! If Morgana is anything in my books, she most certainly is level headed! :-)