Sunday, March 6, 2016

#ScintillatingSunday #SixoftheBest - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields

Warning... Today's post is definitely Not Safe for Work...

It's time for something hot and steamy for today's Scintillating Sunday. I'm still hard at work writing, so here's a little something more to tease you. 

I know.. I know. 

I'm such a tease. 

But that's just the way you like it... 


Here goes!

His tongue entered her mouth, plundering and twisting with hers. She kissed him back just as passionately, her body giving into temptation. Her insecurities forgotten with the wind, her body heated with yearning. She was hot and needy, wanting to to feel him everywhere, even where she shouldn’t want to. Gently, he grasped her hips, and lifted her legs so that they wound around his waist. With this simple motion, she felt his hardness glide against her folds and she very nearly came undone at the erotic image that raced through her vision. He slowly pumped his hips back and forth, grinding his heated member against her sex, dragging out her anticipation. “Do you want my cock in your pussy Morgana? Even though your bottom is already full with the plug I put there this morning?”

So what do you think?

Hot enough for you?

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  1. Steamy excerpt, Sara, and I have a feeling I know what her answer will be.