Friday, March 4, 2016

#SatSpanks #MySexySaturday - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields

It's time for Saturday Spankings with a bit of My Sexy Saturday too. Do I have a teaser of an excerpt for you all today. I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. 

I'm hard at work to the sequel for A Gift for the King, for now, tentatively titled A Gift for the Doctor, but here's a little excerpt from it. 

Take off your clothes. I want you in here with me, naked.”

“But what if someone sees?”

“No one is going to find us. Now don’t make me get out of the water to come get you, or else that bottom of yours is going to feel the wrath of my palm.”

“I don’t want a spanking,” she whined, as her body betrayed her, growing hot at the mere mention of a threat from him. 

“Then get naked. Simple solution,” he responded with a sly grin. 

Well I hope you liked it. See you sometime soon!


You know you love me!



  1. A simple solution, indeed. Besides the water will offer her more cover than standing out in the open will, and the longer she delays, the more trouble she'll be in. Love the snippet, Sara.

  2. Seems like a man who speaks his mind, eh? Great snippet!

  3. Mmmmn I can totally picture that sly grin. Hot snippet!

    1. He's a man who knows what he wants. That's for sure!

  4. Unless of course, she changes her mind. Spanking can be fun.

  5. I love snippets that make you want more-nice Sara!

    1. I'm happy to provide excerpts that make you feel that way...! :-)