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#Hot #SciFi - Charm Him Disarm Him - Sheri Lynn

I have a new author on my blog today, and she goes by Sheri Lynn. Now she's written a hot Sci-Fi, and has dropped by for a steamy visit on my blog today. Enjoy readers, because it seems like there is more to come! 

Calliope is a product of the New Society on the planet Nysa, where women have no rights, freedom or choices. Education is frowned upon and they exist solely to work—or to provide recreation for the menfolk. But Calliope has bigger plans. Her mentor, Cassandra, has told her all about Earth and how things are different for women there, and now Calliope dreams of escaping Nysa, getting to Earth and living a free and happy life.

Unfortunately, she doesn't get as far as she had planned—instead ending up being placed with a dedicated soldier, Amerrande, as his plaything for three months.

For his part, Amerrande usually doesn't accept so-called 'assignments', as he is dedicated to the New Society's cause and sees women as an unnecessary distraction. But he finds himself being drawn irrevocably to Calliope from the very beginning and, judging by her very physical reactions to his advances, she feels the same way.

Regardless of her developing feelings for Amerrande, Calliope knows she must not let anything get in the way of her plans to escape. She refuses to allow her heart to rule her head and eventually she manages to achieve her goal; after a terrifying escape and hazardous journey, she reaches Earth—and freedom.

Amerrande is sent to find her, and to punish her for defying the New Society. But his feelings for her are too deep and he finds himself unable to execute her death sentence. Instead, he has her banished to Neoma, the so-called 'Death Planet'. All Calliope's hopes and dreams have been extinguished by the one man she has ever loved... or have they?


Grabbing a glass, he filled it with water from the cooler. "Did that feel like I'm unhappy?" He handed the glass to her, grinning. "I thought we went over this last night."

 Sipping the water, she collected her thoughts. After what they had just shared, there was no better time to broach the subject. "Damara was upset today. With me. Something about Silas and their term being cut short?" 
Hearing her words, his face hardened. Pacing the kitchen, his hands fisted at his sides, he glowered at her. "What in hell is wrong with all of you?" His body shook with anger. "Answer me!" 

His outburst was startling and baffling. One minute he made her feel wanted, special, and safe. The next minute he was angry, screaming like a maniac, demanding answers to questions— to her questions. Her heart sank. It seemed as though she angered everyone she was in contact with that day. She hopped off the counter. "I don't know! I don't know what you're talking about."
 Running his fingers through his hair, his features softened. His eyes were dark, but he spoke with more determination than rage. "I arranged to take that mission to Earth the Council assigned in a couple of weeks. Now I see it was a wise decision." Lifting the lid off the roast, he took a deep breath. "This really smells good. Let's heat some up and eat." 

Not again. He never gave a complete answer. Was he making the trip because of her? "Why? Why is it you are taking the mission during the assignment term? To get away from me?" she asked. 

Slapping the food on the plates, he paused. "Because it's the right thing to do. We need to seize and control the area while our Intel is fresh." He shoved the plates in the microheater. His body was rigid, and she could feel his struggle to combat his anger. She was pushing his limits. When he spoke, his words were deliberate and forceful, barked out like a military order. They were void of any emotion. "Silas is my lieutenant. He is a soldier. Damara is only recreation, for three months."

 Turning towards her, he grabbed her wrist, turning her against the counter with her arm held against her back. There was no time to react, to run. His free hand came down on her bare bottom quick and hard. Calliope heard it before she felt it, and it was the sound that resonated more than that first sting. And yes, that was just the first one. He continued to slap each of her cheeks, alternating each firm smack. 

It may have been the loudness of the open palm making contact with her backside that initially disturbed and shocked her, but as he continued, it was the pain and humiliation that became her focus. He did stop eventually, and she didn't know how many minutes passed before she even realized it. She was still bent over the counter, with tears flowing down her face onto the countertop. He was still in the kitchen. She heard him open and close the microheater.
 He walked around her, with the heated plates, then placed them on the table and sat. "Come eat. If Damara has anything else to say on the matter, direct her to me. I will take care of it." 

Calliope couldn't believe what had just transpired, and yet, despite all of the day's events and revelations, her mind wouldn't release her from obsessing over one comment. Disappointment stormed over her. Hearing those words; 'only recreation', after sharing the intimacy they had, was devastating. She was crushed. Did all the women feel this way? Did it ever get better for them, easier? 


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