Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#WIPitUP - A Gift for the Commander - Sara Fields - #scifi #BDSM #romance

It's time for WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!

Me and my close friend Meredith wrote a ton this weekend by pushing each other to do writing sprints. 

Below is a portion of some of that work.. It hasn't been edited, so forgive me for the typos...

This comes from my upcoming release:

A Gift for the Commander

Olivia’s eyes bored into the stage, noticing a small table beside each of the chairs. On top of each one, was a heavy oak hairbrush, a thin wooden paddle, and a few other leather straps. Gulping, she watched as the two men took a seat on the chairs.

Almost in slow motion, her eyes widened as the women climbed up on the stage and stood in front of their men. Lana was wearing a beautiful, white silk dress, with a dark blue sash around the waist, that highlighted her long, but curvy figure. Olivia nearly gasped out loud when she realized the king was raising her skirts, baring her backside for everyone to see. He handed her the fabric to hold up, as his fingers interlaced around the waistband of her white lacey panties. In moments, the girl’s underthings were around her knees, and the king maneuvered her so that her belly was lying flat over his knee. The king had angled the chair so that she had a perfect view of the entirety of the woman’s pale globes, as well as the secrets in between her legs.

Morgana hadn’t fared much better than the other girl. Her lavender dress was bunched up around her legs, revealing matching purple silk panties underneath. The doctor had put her over his knee first, before raising her dress. Slowly, he grasped the thin material covering her modesty, and pushed it down, revealing a curvy bottom for all to see. Olivia swallowed, her eyes looking back and forth at the two very bare backsides up on stage about to be punished for disobeying their masters.

Her body heated, and she felt wetness begin to pool between her legs. Her own bottom cheeks tingled, and she could feel herself wanting to take the girls places. A sheen of sweat broke out over her skin as she awaited what was about to happen. This was the first time she was going to see a spanking happen, and her blood boiled at just the thought. Her back arched when she saw the men place their large palms over the awaiting quivering bottoms. Shivering, she nearly moaned as the sound of the first spanks filled the room.

White pale skin quickly turned pink, as she watched the palm prints come up red on white skin. Over and over the hands fell, and the girls began to whine in protest. Their legs kicked a bit, and Olivia saw glimpse of pale, pink flesh in between. She could see that both women were wet, their arousal moistening the muscles of their inner thighs.


I can't wait to get this one out! Soon my loyal readers! I've got to make sure to do you justice!

I'm seriously excited for this next installment in the Gift series. I hope you are too!

The above is a preview of the upcoming release in my GIFT series. 
Below are the links to first two if you haven't had a chance to read them yet. Enjoy!

Book 1 Buy Links:

Book 2 Buy Links:

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