Sunday, May 1, 2016

#ScintillatingSunday #SixoftheBest - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields #scifi #romance #erotica #spanking

Here's a hot little snippet for you from my latest release 

A Gift for the Doctor.


She ran swiftly, but was no match for his longer legs and greater stamina. He caught up with her in no time and grabbed her about the waist. Her legs kicked and her arms flailed, but he held her close to him as he sat down on a nearby log. He pinned her over his thighs and began to spank her clothing-covered backside. 

Her yell of anger pierced through the forest. “How dare you lay a hand on me!” 

 “Oh, Morgana, I’ve barely even started!” His arms snaked around her waist and untied the drawstring of her pants. In one swift motion, he bared her bottom, revealing a thin pair of lacy white panties. They framed her heart-shaped bottom cheeks in such a way that caused his heart to quicken. He wanted to explore what was between her legs, make her quiver under his hand, and scream his name in desire and need for him. He placed his hand on her soft skin, tracing the curve of her buttocks, her skin only a very faint pink from the punishment so far. Almost with a sigh, he gripped the waistband of the panties and pushed them down her thighs. His eyes took in her naked bottom, beautiful as it trembled in the cool air. Her quivering flesh was waiting for her punishment. She had stilled when her skin had been exposed to the fresh air, and then his fingers touched her upper thighs. 


“Yes, sir?” 

 He smiled as he realized she had begun submitting to her punishment. Grazing his hand over her skin, he cupped her bottom right cheek. “You’re about to be punished. You were a very naughty girl, isn’t that right.”

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