Sunday, May 8, 2016

#NSFW #Spanked #BadGirl - Punished Over His Knee - #kinkyauthorproblems

So, if you read my blog post from yesterday, you'd know I was in for a spanking when my husband got home from work today. I was told to wear my collar all day, and to wear his favorite color panties, blue, so that he could admire the view when he was giving me the spanking that I needed. 

So he got home around six this evening today, and he didn't spank me right away, instead he acknowledged the fact that I was wearing my collar, and my kitty ears, and gave me that dominant sort of look that made me realize he hadn't forgotten his threat from the night before. 

Now I'd been writing all day, and I told him I wanted to get to about 20K on my writing in progress (WIP), and at that time I was only at about 17K, which put me at about 4K for the day. It was a little slow for me, and I wanted to push it. So he let me be for a while while I wrote a little more... BUT then I got distracted by Facebook.. and Amazon.. this things that prove to be an author's downfall. When he came back in the bedroom, he saw that I had only written about 300 more words... (sad I know!) and put two pillows on the bed. 

"Get over them, now."

I whined until finally I relented, and put my body down over the pillows, belly down, and without delay, up went my skirt, and his palm began to smack my poor defenseless backside. 

He used pretty much every implement we own, from stingy wooden paddles to leather ones, to straps, to even a frat paddle, and it sure didn't take long for my booty to feel it all. In fact, it still stings as I'm putting together this blog post. 

He took my panties down too, and lectured me about getting distracted while I was supposed to be writing. He ended my punishment by putting me over his knee, and attacking my sit spots with his hand, and then with this evil leather paddle we've had since the very first time he ever spanked me. I hate that thing. I only get it when he thinks I've been naughty. 


Anyway, at that point he gave me a hug, and asked me if I was going to behave, and I had the cheeky idea of telling him no. You can guess that ended with my bottom in the air again, with that paddle biting into my already sore behind. There were very quick apologies after that and I promised to behave and write, and not get distracted by the internets... But not until after I shed a few tears. I learned not to be cheeky anymore after that...

He took the above picture right after he rubbed the sting away a little with some soothing lotion.

Then he had me pose so you can all see what happens when I misbehave. 

Now I'm going to get ready for bed, since I'm going to be sleeping on my tummy tonight. And tomorrow is Sunday. That usually means Spank Sara day in our house, so if y'all are lucky, maybe Mr. Fields will take a few more pictures of a well spanked me for all of you. 

*rubs my sore bottom*


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