Saturday, May 7, 2016

#Spanking - Apparently I'm going to get it tonight... #kinkyauthorproblems

So I'm getting spanked tonight. 

I was told last night by Mr. Fields, then when he gets home from work today, that I need to prepare for quite the session over his knee. He feels that he hasn't given me enough attention as of late, and plans to rectify that by giving me a spanking that he said "I'm long overdue for."

Meaning he's going to put me over his knee, pull down my panties, and spank me till my bottom is good and red, and I'm a sorry little girl.

He's given me instructions. Here's what they are.....

I've been told to put on some sexy lingerie, and to lay out the implements for him. And, that I am to wear my collar all day long. (I can only wear it on weekends, since my everyday work doesn't allow me to be open about my kinky ways). 

So anyways, I have my collar on, my kitten ears too, and I'm planning what panties I'm going to wear, and I'm getting into a submissive mind frame.  

So now I'm off to write some kinky smut, until the hubby gets home.. 

I'm definitely all sorts of nervous. 

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