Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#WIPitUP - A Gift for the Commander - Sara Fields #scifi #erotica

So my next book has been submitted,  and I'm deep in plans for the next one,  so I figured I would take the time and 
start to share little excerpts from the book 
that you all have been waiting for!

The mighty conclusion to my "Gift" series.

A Gift for the Commander

Icy blue eyes stared back at her, the color the same shade of blue as the sky. The blonde spiked hair atop his head looked intentionally messy, framing his face in such a sensual way that it made Olivia’s heart quicken. His square jaw was set in a grim, no nonsense manner, and light touches of facial hair trimmed his face. Licking her lips in admiration, she identified the instinctual passionate response to him within her own body. Her pulse accelerated, and she suddenly felt very warm. Her thighs quivered with need at just the sight of him. As he watched her, he confidently cocked up an eyebrow, and she gasped at her body’s visceral reaction to him. She couldn’t be attracted to this alien man, could she?

“Bring her to the bathing room,” he said, his voice brusque to her ears. She felt her body begin to move without her moving a muscle or her feet touching the floor. The Erassan men carried her out of the jail cell, and out into a nearby hallway.  She noticed the aliens ushering a larger group of human women forward with her. It seemed like only seconds before they reached a larger room, decorated in beautiful cream colored tile. It reminded her of a Roman style bathhouse with quite a few modern twists. Looking around, she saw human aides stationed at multiple deep jetted tubs. The other human females that were taken from the cell with her were ushered to the waiting attendants. Expecting to be released by the Erassans and bathed by one of those women, she whipped her head to the side when Wes’ voice’s sounded to her right.

“Put her down here. I will bathe her.”

“What? You wouldn’t dare!” She challenged, suddenly angry that he would think that it was okay for him to touch her in that manner.

He sauntered in front of her and grabbed her chin, his strength causing her to whimper from its force. She stared back at him, and saw the hard line of his jaw clench with restraint. The hands holding her tightened their grip, and a smirk glimmered at the edges of his lips.

“Let her go.”

Suddenly her feet touched the floor, and she was free. Rubbing her arms to erase the feeling of the Erassans touch, she stood awkwardly alone in front of Wes, as he held her in place with but a few fingers, still underneath her chin. She knew she could run, yet those digits touching her skin were more powerful than she expected, commanding her to obey him. Instead, she simply breathed and waited to see what he would do next.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to get naked,” he said firmly.

If you haven't checked out Book 1 and 2 in the series, 
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