Friday, June 17, 2016

#SatSpanks #MySexySaturday - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields - #spanking #scifi #erotica

It's time for #SatSpanks and #MySexySaturday!

That means eight lines of sexy sexiness! 

So today, I'm bringing you A Gift for the Doctor, second in my "Gift" series. Enjoy!

Book 3 is due out very soon! 

Dont you dare lay a hand on me. I am Morgana, sorceress to King Dante, and you will respect me. I am not a force to be trifled with,she said, her voice strong and unafraid as she challenged him.

Kade simply moved closer to her, his body towering over hers. He put his hands on the table on either side of her and leaned in toward her face, a dangerous smirk playing at his lips. She leaned backwards, trying to keep a respectable distance between the two of them, despite the events that had just occurred between them on that very table.

Are you trying to test me, little girl?

Morgana kept silent, staring him down. She wasnt about to back down to him, not to anyone. 

If you haven't checked out Book 1 and 2 in the series, 
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  1. I have a feeling she's not going to win this contest, though I certainly don't blame her for trying to hold her own.

  2. This is such a great scene. I can see it perfectly, how he's trapping her against the table. And I love that she still challenges him.

  3. I love the exchange across the table! You can definitely feel the sparks here! Great snippet :)