Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#NewRelease - Maddie Taylor - French Kiss - #romance #spanking #BDSM

Thanks for having me back for a guest spot, Sara. 
Today, I’ve brought along a sneak peek from my newest Decadence Nights novel, French Kiss. 

Marilee Hoffman is a lonely submissive and a masochist suppressing her deep-seeded desires.  Struggling with loyalty to a ghost and what she needs to be fulfilled. 

In this scene, Marilee’s safe dom for the evening has been called away.  Ready to go home unsatisfied, Dex, Club Decadence’s master dom has other ideas, pair her with Master Arturo, the one man who can at last make her whole again.

My naughty little excerpt:

The silicone lashes cut through the air with a whoosh then connecting with a resounding thwap as they struck bare skin.  A hot sizzle of fire flared out across both of her cheeks as she arched in reaction.  Her head flew back, hands fisted as her nails dug into her palms.  Drawing up tight like a bow, her legs tensed and her toes curled inward.  Her pelvis arced forward bringing her hip bones into contact with the hard, unyielding wood of the cross allowing no retreat.  She remained that way, poised tense and quivering, but only for an instant before unbelievably, against all semblance of self-preservation, she relaxed and presented her ass, back and thighs for more. 

It had been the same through at least two dozen lashes. 

“Ma gamine, tu es magnifique!” Although the deep voice murmured incomprehensible words, his tone was unmistakably approving.  “I believe you can take more.”   

Breathing deeply, Mari opened her half-lidded eyes, but didn’t answer, although a definitive yes echoed in her head.  He hadn’t posed a question, so being the good submissive that she was, she remained silent, savoring the exhilarating sensations coursing through her body.  There was a pause as he walked away for a moment.  When her returned and the next stroke fell, she hissed in a breath, as a delicious tremor wracked her body.  True to his word the bite was different, sharper… and much, much more. 
She twisted her head trying to see what had replaced the silicone flogger.

“Eyes front, ma belle.” The quiet command in his low husky voice compelled her to turn around as more delicious heat exploded across the lower curves of her cheeks. 

With a carnal groan from deep in her chest, she obeyed, resting her forehead against the cross as her body processed the intensified pain.  Behind her, he waited, allowing time for her body to assimilate each exquisite nuance before whipping her again. 

Master Arturo was good, as skilled as the whispered rumors had implied, for he didn’t rush the next lash, knowing too soon wouldn’t allow her already excited nerve endings to respond quite yet. Instead, when the ache reached a stunning plateau, then gradually receded to the point where she craved more, only then did he strike again. A novice would not know that he must wait in order for her to experience it to the fullest, only a skilled master would. What’s more, he would crave it himself.

Three more lashes with pauses in between, then she heard him cross to her other side. She angled her head enough to catch a glimpse as he took his stance, pulled back his left hand, and let loose.  She gasped as the twin tails of what she recognized now as a leather quirt landed across both cheeks with the same searing force and intensity as it had with his right.  He was ambidextrous, equally skilled with both hands.  Her heart thrilled at the possibilities. This was a very unique dom— No, she should call him what he was, a unique sadist, unrivaled by any other she’d been with even Derek.

No!  She wouldn’t think it.

This was the exact reason she had sought to avoid him. Damn, Master Dex for putting her in this position.

For as long as she’d been aware of her unusual desire for pain, it had been this way.  She wanted more, another bite of harsh leather, another slap of rigid wood, a sharp smack, slap or spank of a hard hand, a rigid cane, or a cutting whip on her quivering flesh.  Others would have pleaded for mercy by now, but not her, a true masochist needed the tactile intensity beyond that of what others found acceptable to truly find satiation. 

Her master had known that about her and was always the one to say when enough was enough.  Random players at a club, strangers, wouldn’t know that.  In part, this was the reason she restricted her play to moderate pain.  Too much with someone who didn’t know that about her, who didn’t know she was unable to shut it down when she slid into sub space, could be dangerous. 
The other part was the danger to her fragile heart. She couldn’t live through the agony of losing another master.  It would kill her. The last time almost had, so she vowed to satisfy herself, as best she could, with random partners, but no sadists like Arturo Durance.

After tonight, no more.  He was too damn dangerous.  But, as long as she was here, strung up and under his masterful lash, she could enjoy what he was dishing out, couldn’t she?  For tonight, just this one time.  So she took more.  Savoring the bite as the twelve-inch twin tails descended again, and again.  

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The Blurb:

At thirty-eight, Marilee Hoffman finds herself a widow with an empty nest and an empty heart. She is lost, floating aimlessly through life as her family and friends, even the boutique that bears her name, move on without her. After losing her husband and master of eighteen years, Mari has vowed never to open her heart to the pain of that kind of loss again. But she is still young and has needs that only a dominant can fulfill. She searches for what she craves at a distant BDSM club, but as her limits are tested, she refuses to submit fully and leaves unsatisfied time and again, suppressing the submissive and the inner masochist that she truly is.

MI6 Agent, Arturo Durand, is assigned to stop the leak of weapons technology that is being turned on his fellow agents with lethal force. His mission leads him to south Texas, where he calls upon Tony Rossi, an old friend and colleague, and his security team for assistance. The sadist in him is pleasantly surprised to receive a guest membership at Club Decadence, the BDSM club that Tony and his partners run. Arturo finds it is the perfect place to unwind and fulfill his needs while the investigation drags on.

One night, when Mari's easy, non-threatening dom is called away, she is paired with Master Arturo for a scene. Having seen him wield his whip masterfully, she knows on sight, he is dangerous to her vow to keep her heart uninvolved. There is an instant spark and as the weeks go on, Arturo breaks through the barriers Mari has erected around her wounded heart. When new leads in the investigation implicate a terrorist group and Mari's dead husband, Arturo is also shocked to find that his new submissive has become his prime suspect. Can he fulfill his commitment to the crown while protecting Mari and proving her innocence? And when his identity is revealed and she is hurt, thinking he has played her from the beginning, can he convince her that she was more than just a mission and somehow keep her as his own?

Keep up with Maddie at the following links:

Maddie’s Amazon Page: http://ow.ly/10t4aS

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