Thursday, April 28, 2016

#Thursday #Tease - #WIP - What's next for Sara Fields? #Erotica #SciFi #Romance

I can't wait to start writing this weekend. 

Now you all met Olivia, while reading A Gift for the Doctor, but what's her story? Who is she, and what role does she have to play in the rising civil war between Legeari and D'Lormere?

 So next stop? 

Olivia's story in "A Gift for the Commander" (working title). 

 This next book is looking to be an epic finale... unless of course, the world of Terranovum calls my name again! 

 I know you all love Wes, a sarcastic alpha male that isn't afraid to turn a sassy female over his knee. He's been featured in A Gift for the King, and A Gift for the Doctor, so I think it's finally time you all got to really know him.

Here's a sneak peak at the muse I have in mind when I start putting words to pages.

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