Sunday, April 10, 2016

#ScintillatingSunday #SixoftheBest - Claimed by the General - #FREE #Kinky

I have quite the excerpt for you today! I'm featuring my very first book that I released, for a special special reason - It's #FREE on Kindle Unlimited right now! So go check it out!!!

Yes, sir,she said softly, her need causing her voice to shake. He helped her to stand and pointed to the hall. She complied, feeling her wetness pool between her legs as she shakily walked into his room. Ayala opened the door and climbed up into his bed. She lay down and opened her legs wide, fully aware of the view Eiotan would have when he walked into the door. She pulled in her breath, feeling the residual sting of her spanking, and her throbbing legs. It seemed like forever until he walked in, a piece of fabric in his hand. He met her gaze, and deliberately raked his eyes up and down her body so that she knew just how much he could see. He walked over to her and lifted her head, tying the black fabric around her eyes. With her sight cut off, all her other senses suddenly peaked. She strained to hear where he was. She jumped when he touched her thigh.

Did you behave? Did you touch yourself?he said sternly.

No, sir, I didnt touch myself,she said, her voice and her thighs beginning to quiver. She felt the bed move, and suddenly, something hot and wet was sliding against her very wet nether lips. Slowly relaxing, she felt his arms move under and around her legs, and she knew his face was inches from her desperate place of need. Feeling his kiss, she groaned in response to the quick touch, a blush quickly coming over her face. He could see absolutely everything. His hot breath blew over her sensitive skin.

So you like being spanked, is that right, young lady?

Yes, sir,she groaned softly, her hips beginning to move of their own accord. He tongue rose to meet her lips and she cried out in response.

Should I give you more spankings, little one?

Yes, sir, please give me spankings,she groaned, her need building. His lips and tongue latched onto her nether lips and she moaned into him. His tongue worked her into a frenzy, pleasure racing up and down her legs. Her hands gripped his head, fingering through his hair, as her moans grew more urgent. He pulled away a second before she broke, and she whined in response, her body shaking and quivering from the unreleased pleasure.

You will only orgasm when I give you permission, is that clear?” “Please, sir, please. Let me...” she whined.

Who is your master, little one?

You are, sir... you are...”