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#NewRelease #SciFi - Taken by the Enemy - Jennifer Bene

Will she submit or lose everything?

Emmie had spent her life pampered, sheltered, and mostly unaware of just how bad things were inside and outside of the city that she called home - but when reality comes knocking, Emmie must choose between staying and suffering, or running and breaking a promise that could break her heart.
After fleeing the city in the dead of night, Emmie expected the hazards of the forest, but she never thought she would run into real danger or be brutally taken by one of the raiders who had been banished outside the walls. She never thought she would be tied up and forced to submit to their rules, and she never planned to find herself kneeling before their leader - no matter how gorgeous he was.
Lucian had spent most of his adult life figuring out how to protect those banished by the corrupt men inside the city, but when he meets Emmie, he doesn’t just want to keep her safe, he wants to claim her - body and soul. But once he does, and she despises him for it, how can he possibly show her what life can be like when she’s really and truly free, and how can he show her that a good life might be possible with him?
In ‘Taken by the Enemy’ readers are taken on a dark journey of discovery where the truths that Emmie has held close since she was a child are turned inside out, and she discovers that the enemy she’s been raised to fear may just be her salvation. Will she be able to bend to Lucian’s demands for obedience, and the harsh ways in which he enforces them, so she can discover a world where real peace is possible? Or will she turn away from the people who can save them all just to protect her heart?
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“Some things aren’t mine to tell! Did you ever think about that?” He turned and banged his hand into the wood frame of the door before rounding on her again. “And I already told you I can’t break any more rules for you. If you have another outburst in front of everyone like that, I will have to punish you, in front of them. Is that what you want?”
“Then how about you try, because I’m doing my best, and I’m keeping your secrets just like I’m keeping Mathias’.”
“You’re a bastard.” Emmie glared at him, well aware of the threat he’d made to reveal her name.
Lucian stepped close to her, his voice low and dark. “That’s what you really think of me?”
“Then maybe you should leave.” Lucian’s body was tense with restrained anger, and she knew it, but she couldn’t stop herself from pushing him.
“Maybe I should,” she spoke quietly. “Maybe I should go find one of the free men and see if they treat me any better.”
He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, slamming her back against the wall of his house, the whole structure shaking with the force. He hissed close to her face, “You want to go fuck someone else?”
“Maybe I do!”
Lucian growled, his grip painfully tight on her skin. “You think they’d treat you any differently? You think they’d take your smart mouthed comments in stride?”
“I bet there’s at least one of them that would like my smart mouth, it just may take me trying out a few before I find them.” She leaned her head forward, meeting his gaze at close range. “Maybe I’ll need to try a lot of them.”
There was a dark, lurking rage behind his eyes, but his voice was deadly quiet. “You have no idea how gentle I’ve been with you.”
“You call this gentle?” She jerked at his harsh grip.
“Anyone else that disrespected me like that in the middle of the fucking village would have been punished immediately. Man or woman. Free or not.”
“Then why don’t you do it?”
“Is that what you want, little bird?” Lucian released his grip on her shoulders and twisted his fist in the hair at the base of her neck, yanking her forward. “You want me to punish you?”
“Ow! Lucian, stop —”
“You want me to treat you like everyone else? I can do that.” He turned her, pulling her back against his hard chest as his free hand moved to the button on her pants, undoing it too quickly for her to react. She scrambled to rebutton it, but he grabbed one of her wrists and twisted it painfully. “Unless you want me to add to what you’ve already earned today, you’ll keep your hands at your sides, or I’ll tie them out of the way for you.”
“Lucian —”
“Now!” The roar of his command made her shiver and she forced herself to hold her hands at her sides as he slid his hands inside the waist of her pants and shoved them down her legs.
Why had she pushed him?

Why couldn’t she keep her damn temper in check?

When his fingers pulled at the edge of her underwear, she whimpered, “I didn’t want —” “You didn’t want me to punish you? A little too late for that now, don’t you think?”

Lucian jerked her head back harder and she hissed air between her teeth. With a quick shove, her panties joined her pants around her calves. “I think this is exactly what you need to remember your role here.”
He stepped back, pulling her with him as he sat down on the edge of his bedding. Suddenly, she found herself over his lap, his hand still tight in her hair, holding her in place as she tried to get up. “Wait, wait!”
The first smack of his hand on her ass made her yelp, and she reached back to cover the stinging skin. Lucian moved fast though, grabbing one wrist to jerk it high up on her back until she screamed. “You can either keep your hands over your head, or I can make sure they’re not in the way. Your choice.”
“Lucian, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t.” Emmie tried to shake her head against the grip in her hair, but his voice was unforgiving.
With a groan, she moved her arms above her head, and then her fingers tightened against the blanket as his hand landed on her ass again, lighting up her skin with a fiery heat. 

Author Bio
Jennifer Bene is a best-selling author of erotic fiction. Her writing has been described by readers as "dark in a way that turns you on", and she definitely takes that as a compliment! She has a terrible mouth that often gets her in trouble but comes in handy when she's writing. She loves to write strong female characters and dominant male characters in stories that take readers for a walk on the dark side. 
When she's not attached to a keyboard, she likes to read, drink wine, do yoga, binge on Netflix, and enjoy life with friends/family. She lives in Texas, and no, she doesn't own a horse or wear a cowboy hat, you'd have better luck finding her on the dance floor downtown. Seriously.
Jennifer would love to hear from you! She does her best to keep readers up to date via social media, and tries to always respond when readers are nice enough to message her!

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