Saturday, April 23, 2016

#ScintillatingSunday - A Gift for the Doctor - Sara Fields - #NewRelease #Kindle #SciFi #Romace

I'm back for another Scintillating Sunday! 

I've got my latest release here for you - entitled 
A Gift for the Doctor.
Book 2 in the Terranovum Saga 

Here's a steamy excerpt for all of you, that I promise you'll enjoy.

*wink wink*

She felt her state of arousal grow to new heights, and tried to cinch her legs together so that the evidence would be hidden from him. Unfortunately, as soon as she shifted her legs, his eyes dropped to her lower body. His hand moved to trace up the length of her skin, to the cleft between her legs. When she refused to open then for him, he lightly smacked the top of her thigh.

“Open your legs,” he commanded, his tone gentle, yet unyielding. Morgana sighed with embarrassment, as she forced herself to comply, not wanting another dose of his over the knee treatment. She knew what he was about to find, and whined when his fingers discovered just how wet she was.

“Morgana,” he said, surprise clear in his voice. “It seems you have enjoyed your spanking a little bit, hmmmm?”

She felt a wicked blush creep over her cheeks, shamed at her body’s unrestrained response. Hiding her face in his shoulder, she gasped as he began to spread her juices all over her aching bud of pleasure.

Her hips began to move to meet the roll of his fingertips, and she moaned into his shirt. It didn’t take long for her to begin writhing and panting at his firm touch, his dominating presence taking over her senses in the most delicious way.

Find BOOK 1 here:

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