Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#WIPitUp - The Warrior's Little Princess - Sara Fields - #fantasy #ageplay #spanking

Hello lovelies!


I've got a new book coming out this week (THIS SATURDAY!!!!)... 

AND it's an age play!!!!

It's called "The Warrior's Little Princess" and I'm going to give you an extra special sneak peak today!


The sun shining through a nearby window finally woke her up the next morning. Yawning, she stretched her arms up high overhead and pointed her toes. Rolling her shoulders forward, she pressed her back against the soft mattress, groaning quietly as she tried to convince herself to get out of the comfortable bed. Someone nearby cleared his throat and she gasped in surprise, quickly opening her eyes to look around the room. With a swallow, she pushed her hands down on the mattress and sat up. The blanket fell around her waist and she scrambled to cover herself.

Oh, my God. She was naked.

Glancing around the room, she saw the big man with yellow eyes watching her from a solid oak chair. He sat leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs, while he gazed at her with a curious expression. She pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them, feeling a bit insecure and unsure of what was to happen next.

She took a moment to study him. Long dark hair hung down to his shoulders, framing a strong confident chin covered in shadowy brown stubble. For a moment, she longed to drag her fingers across the scratchy hair on his jawline, but pushed the thought away as quickly as she could. His yellow eyes were soft and a bit unsettling, since she couldn’t remember anything about what such a feature meant. He was very large, well over six feet tall and covered in tight corded muscles. His biceps were huge, sculpted in such a way that she couldn’t question his strength even if she tried. He wore pants the color of dirt and his torso was guarded by a dark brown leather tunic. She could see hints of metal chainmail and a beige undershirt peeking out from beneath the fur pelt that surrounded his shoulders. Rawhide gauntlets protected the skin of his forearms, giving him a menacing look.

With trepidation, she lifted her chin and began to speak, trying to make herself bigger than she was. Knowing that she was entirely naked made her feel especially vulnerable.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” she asked as confidently as she dared. Swallowing deeply, she awaited his reply.

His lip curled with amusement.

“Such a little girl with such a big attitude. If you were mine, I’d redden that pretty bottom of yours so that you couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day. My girl wouldn’t speak like that to someone that just saved her life,” he responded with an amused smirk as he sat back and crossed his arms.

“I’m not a little girl,” she snapped, lifting her chin even higher, “And no one would dare try to spank me”.

“What’s your name, feisty one?”

“Irena,” she answered.

“Where do you come from? How’d you end up captured by those goblins?”

“I don’t remember.”

She watched as he unbuttoned the leather gauntlets around his wrists, pulling them off leisurely as he met her gaze. She swallowed heavily, feeling nervous suddenly. Her eyes were drawn to his large palms as he flexed his fingers.

“Bad girls who lie in my house are spanked. Don’t lie to me again.”

With wide eyes, she watched as he stretched his fingers, realizing how broad and wide his palms were.

“I didn’t lie! Why do you keep saying that? Besides, I’m too old to be spanked.”

“In my world, a young lady like yourself is never to be old to be taught a lesson. I’ll put your very bare bottom over my knees and spank you until you decide to be honest with me.”

“But I am being honest! I swear! I don’t remember who I am, or how I got in that meadow,” she exclaimed, unable to keep the hint of annoyance out of her voice. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He wouldn’t dare to spank her, would he? And more importantly, would it hurt?

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