Friday, July 29, 2016

#SatSpanks #MySexySaturday - A Gift for the Commander - #scifi #spanking #BSDM

So it's Saturday, and that means another delicious (and rather spanky) excerpt from my new release, A Gift for the Commander. YAY!

It's reached number one in science fiction erotica on Amazon, and has even reached AllRomance bestseller status, so I'm super excited. 


Though Olivia is grateful to be alive after she is rescued from a terrible tyrant and brought to the planet Terranovum, she is none too pleased when she learns that she is to be auctioned as a slave to the highest bidder. But before she can be sold, she must be trained, and the man who will train her is none other than the commander of the king’s army.

Wes has tamed many human slaves and when Olivia resists his efforts to bathe her in preparation for her initial inspection, he strips the beautiful, feisty girl bare and spanks her soundly. The stern chastisement leaves Olivia tearful and repentant yet undeniably aroused, and Wes starts her lessons in submission by making her beg him shamefully for the release her body needs so badly.

Once she has been thoroughly and intimately examined, Olivia’s training begins in earnest, and Wes takes her to his bed to teach her what it means to surrender her body to a dominant man. But try as he might, he cannot bring himself to see Olivia as just another slave. She touches his heart in a way he thought nothing could, and with each passing day he grows more certain that he must claim her as his own. But with war breaking out across Terranovum, can Wes protect both his world and his woman?

Publisher’s Note: A Gift for the Commander is the third book of the Terranovum Brides trilogy, which began with A Gift for the King and continued with A Gift for the Doctor. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Olivia swallowed, her eyes looking back and forth at the two very bare backsides up on stage about to be punished for disobeying their masters.

Her body heated, and she felt wetness begin to pool between her legs. Her own bottom cheeks tingled, and she could feel herself wanting to take the girlsplaces. A sheen of sweat broke out over her skin as she awaited what was about to happen. 

This was the first time up close that she was going to see a spanking, and her blood boiled at just the thought. Her back arched when she saw the men place their large palms over the awaiting quivering bottoms. Shivering, she nearly moaned as the sound of the first spanks filled the room.

Pale skin quickly turned pink and palm prints sprang up red on white skin. 


  1. I'd say Olivia needs some private attention. Hopefully, Wes will be able to see to her needs in quick order. Love the snippet, Sara.

    1. You can bet that Wes will know exactly what she needs.... *wink*

  2. Looking for a spanking of her, I think. Great teaser, thanks for sharing.